Spartan Orchestras


The West Springfield Orchestra program consists of four ensembles.

All ensembles perform school concerts and share the same opportunities to participate in VBODA events such as Solo Ensemble, State assessment, District and State auditions and get to participate in orchestra socials.

Auditions take place every year for all students. This process allows me to determine which group best suits the student's current ability. No one gets turned away.  We have a place for everyone. 

Please contact the school for more information or email Mrs. Herrera

String Ensemble- Intermediate  Level I

Concert Orchestra- Intermediate Level II

Symphonic Orchestra- Advanced Honors is a .5 weighted class

Chamber Orchestra- Artistry Advanced is a 1.0 weighted class

ENROLLING IN ORCHESTRA: If you are new to the West Springfield area or public school system, please be sure to contact West Springfield Student Services and speak with your counselor when registering for the school year. 

Everyone will need to audition before getting placed in an orchestra class.